A4X Cool fabric earring double side mask


01. Cool fabric Sweat-absorbent, quick-drying Aqua X material can be used frequently so you can feel the air coldness. Absorbs sweat and repeats rapid drying. We will help you keep it comfortable.


02. Double side You can breathe fresh oxygen easily with your usual breath technique A mask that protects the respiratory system by blocking the entry of various foreign substances, pollutants and dust. Two-way wearable rider mask


03. Earring A4X Rider Masks are designed to help you get rid of sweat, moisture, Even in a tough environment that mixes, The earrings are processed in one piece to ensure a comfortable fit.


04. Keep clean The mask are exporsed to external environments which it is contaminated with pollutants and dust.

A4X Aqua cool mask

  • ㆍName of product: A4X AQUA COOL MASK  

    ㆍFor: mask

    ㆍMaterial: Nylon  

    ㆍCase: mask 1ea

    ㆍSize: one size fits all ( only black add small size )

    ㆍWeight: 9g ( include package 26g )

    ㆍManipacture: SONGBAEK SHOPPING Co.,Ltd.  

    ㆍCountry of origin: korea

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